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Checking Our Spiritual Vitals – Lesson 2

Food For My Soul

Hunger can often make us feel shaky and out of focus. Our body cries out for nourishment letting us know it’s time to eat. In the same way, we can get spiritually shaky and out of focus when we don’t feed on God’s Word.

If we compare the natural process of eating to spiritual nourishment, it gives us a clearer picture of how vital God’s Word is to us.

Just as we taste our food, the Bible encourages us to taste and see that the Lord is good.

Just as we chew our meat, the Bible says to meditate (chew) on His Word day and night.

Just as we swallow each forkful, God wants us to apply (swallow) spiritual truths into our minds.

Just as our body digests our food, digesting God’s Word will judge the thoughts and attitudes of our heart.

Just as we find nourishment from the food we eat, we are transformed (nourished) by His daily bread.

Read Jeremiah 15:16

1. What did Jeremiah do with God’s Word and what resulted from it?

Read Isaiah 55:10-11

2. What natural processes is God’s Word compared to in these verses? What truth is found here? Note where God’s Word goes out from.

Read Isaiah 51:16

3. What is said about God’s Words here? What else does He do for His people?

Read Isaiah 59:21

4. Explain God’s covenant promise here. Can you claim this for your family?

Read Psalm 119:43

5. What is the psalmist prayer in this verse? What is his hope? What important role does our mouth play in our walk with Christ?

I hope you will share your comments with us on our page if you feel comfortable doing so. Your participation helps others see things we may have missed. God bless you in the study of His Word this week!



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