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A Joseph Spirit – lesson 4

Trials and Temptations

Whatever trials we go through here on earth enables us to identify in some way with the sufferings of Jesus. Philippians 3:10 refers to the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings. If we’ve ever felt the painful rejection of friends or family, we share in the sufferings of both Joseph and Jesus. Scripture tells us that trials bring about perseverance and patience. Joseph exhibits patience in the face of trials, while also resisting temptation to sin against God. Joseph’s story continues.

Read Psalm 69:8

1. Describe rejection.

Read Psalm 31:11-15

2. How does the psalmist express his anguish? What is his hope?

Read Genesis 39:1-6

3. What happened to Joseph when he is taken to Egypt? Describe God’s blessings on him.

Read Genesis 39:5-6

4. What else was effected by the favor Joseph had with God?

Read Genesis 39:7-12

5. What was Joseph’s constant temptation and how did he respond?

Isn’t Joseph a beautiful example of fleeing from temptation! He refused to give in and fled so quickly that part of his cloak was left in the hand of his temptress. To be able to flee temptation and never look back takes incredible strength from God. I believe that kind of spiritual victory is available for us as well. May we also have the kind of Joseph spirit that runs the other way when tempted! Joseph enjoyed a time of God’s favor in Potiphar’s house, but more testings are ahead. As we study his life, may we understand that our times are in God’s hands as well.




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