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A Joseph Spirit – Lesson 6

God’s Bigger Plan

Even though Joseph was thrown in prison for doing the right thing, God had a bigger plan. We read in scripture that God’s ways are higher than our ways. Our sight is limited. Humanly speaking, it seemed unfair that Joseph was imprisoned, but it’s all a matter of perspective. God wasn’t punishing Joseph; he was preparing him. We see but a fragment, while God sees the whole picture. Think of the dot below as symbolic of what we are able to see and the line as what God sees. There’s a huge difference.

.    _________________________________________________

Read Genesis 40:1-23

1. What other officials ended up in prison under Joseph’s care, and what unusual thing happened to both of them the same night?

2. How does Joseph offer to help them? To whom does Joseph give credit for interpreting dreams?

3. What was the cupbearer’s dream and what did it mean?

4. What was the baker’s dream and interpretation?

5. Describe how the dreams came true.

6. What did Joseph ask of the cupbearer and what did he do?

Has someone ever forgotten or “given no thought to you?” Perhaps we can identify with Joseph in a small way of how disappointed and de-valued he must have felt. Why would the Lord have allowed the butler to forget Joseph at that time? I think we must remember that the Lord’s timing is never like ours. It seems He likes to wait to the last minute before He answers. What we often don’t perceive is God working behind the scenes to perfect the entire picture and His higher purposes. If we try to push the petals of a rose bud open before ready to blossom, we’ll kill the rose. In the same way, it’s important to realize that while God’s delays are a disappointment, they are usually His appointment to something better. Having a Joseph spirit to gracefully wait for the Lord to perfect the things that concern us is the beginning of victory. Are you facing a disappointing situation in your life. Meditate on the truths of Genesis 40 to help you realize God is working a better plan than you can imagine.

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