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A Joseph Spirit – Lesson 9

Dreams Do Come True

I had a special dream many years ago after our second son was born. I dreamed that his first spoken word was, “assuage.” I wasn’t familiar with the word, but soon found out it refers to alleviating or soothing grief. When I later saw the same word in my daily Bible reading, I knew this was not a coincidence. The word literally popped off the page at me. Job 16:5 in the KJV says, “The moving of my lips should assuage your grief.”  So I tucked the dream away in my heart and mind, wondering how God would reveal its meaning some day. A few months later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent a mastectomy, and was sent home to recuperate. It was a difficult time in my life, being a wife and mother of two sons. Even with a good report, I battled depression and fear over the future. My husband and older son went back to work and school, while my toddler and I were at home alone. Every news report seem to scream at me that breast cancer was the leading cause of death in women. But instead of allowing me to wallow in self-pity and fear, my little guy (without knowing it) kept me going. He gave me purpose. He simply needed his mother! And his sweet disposition truly assuaged my grief. He’d wrap his little arms around me and soothe my tears. He’d make me laugh with his cheery disposition, and he was an instrument of peace in my life. How I needed him at this difficult time. This was a dream from God, and I saw it come true. (And after a second mastectomy in 1990, I have been cancer free for over 23 years).

Read Genesis 37:2 with Genesis 41:46

1. How many years did it take for Joseph to reach his destiny?

Read Genesis 41:47-49

2. Describe Joseph’s strategy during the years of plenty.

Read Genesis 41:50-52

3. What were the names and their meanings of Joseph’s sons?

Read Genesis 41:53-57

4. How did Joseph save people from the famine?

Read Genesis 42:1-6

5. Whom did Jacob not send with his ten sons to buy grain in Egypt? Of what was Jacob afraid?

6. What did the brothers do when they came to purchase grain from the governor of the land, whom they did not recognize was Joseph? Why is this significant? Do dreams come true?

If God has spoken to you through a dream, keep a Joseph-spirit. Wait for God to reveal its meaning, while remembering everything should align with God’s Word for it to be from Him. Most of us probably won’t get to interpret dreams for a king, but we do need to believe in the dreams God has planted in our hearts. Joseph made big plans and refused to give them up based on the dreams God gave him.  Our enemy doesn’t want us to have visions of better things but would urge us to stay in the “pit.” But Joseph stayed positive and refused to become bitter through injustice, eventually landing him in the palace. The Spirit of the Lord was on Joseph. What a difference that made in his life. May those around us see us as people  in whom the Spirit lives…and who never give up on their dreams.


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