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Abiding – Lesson 2

Christ In Me 

I watched the girls in my gym class learn to square dance. Their red faces proved it to be a good cardiac workout and their giggles showed how much fun they were having. I sat separated from it all. My mom had written a note that I could not participate. I was made to believe dancing was evil and I should have no part in it. I was only 13 and it was one more reason I always felt like an outsider. I’ve never been part of the “in-crowd.”  The popular kids never knew my name, looked my way or acknowledged I existed. Probably the biggest reason for my exclusion was the invisible sign I wore around my neck. “It’s against my religion.” No drinking, no smoking, no dancing, no swearing, no movies and no dating non-Christians.

I wasn’t very good at sharing my faith because I used my religion as an excuse for everything. No one knew the real reason I didn’t do certain things and for a long time I didn’t either. I was just an obedient child. My parents were believers and helped me eventually find my own faith, but it took a long time for me to understand what sin really was. Legalism pointed to outward actions but ignored the deeper rooted sins of the heart…which are more indicative of rebellion against God. Christ in me was my only hope.

Because I was raised in a truly genuine Christian home, I saw God’s Word lived out in front of me every day. But if it hadn’t been for my church youth group I’m not sure I would have had a social life. Every activity was centered around our faith in Jesus Christ. We didn’t need the accolades of the world to find acceptance. We had fun together but we also prayed together. We studied the Bible together. Our commonality unified us. Our leaders pointed us toward Christ and strengthened truths we learned at home. This was my “in-crowd.” A young body of believers who were on the same journey of faith. As I matured, I began to understand that because Christ was in me I had no need for the in-crowd.

Read Colossians 1:27

1. What is the mystery made known to the Gentiles?

Read Colossians 1:28-29

2. What was Paul’s ultimate goal for those who listened to his teachings?

3. How does Paul labor? How you can personally apply this to your life.

Read Colossians 2:3

4. What is hidden in Christ? How should this truth motivate us?

Read Colossians 2:6

5. What should believers do once they have received Christ into their lives?

It is a mystery! To think that Jesus lives in us is beyond human comprehension. What an edge we have to know that the Kingdom of God is within us! We learn to regulate our actions as we live in union with Him, not by keeping man-made rules of religion. God’s Kingdom is a matter of the heart. Christ is in us and our responsibility is to remain in Him. As we learn to abide, He will flow from within to the outer areas of our life affecting everything we are and do. Now that’s the best mystery ever!




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