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Abiding – Lesson 5

Stay Connected to the Vine












I was speechless as she delivered the ultimatum. Honestly, it about knocked me off my chair. Attend her new church or we could no longer be friends. After years of studying the Bible together, something suddenly shifted. My friend had been embraced by a group of Christians with a different philosophy. As their influence began to dominate her time and regulate her decisions, she dropped former relationships. She invited me to go along, but I felt unusual restraint. Something didn’t feel right, and my husband agreed. It was baffling that our friendship couldn’t continue unless I went with her. I learned it was this group’s standard. All associations were to come only from within. I loved my friend, but I was forced to make the choice. Go with her or walk away forever. While I grieved the loss of her friendship, God gave me wisdom to say no. I had peace in my heart even though none of it made sense. That was many years ago but I am eternally grateful the Lord helped me pay attention to His nudge. That’s what I call “discernment.”

Read Colossians 2:18-23

1. Name some of the signs of false teachers? What is the root of their error?

2. Describe the dilemma Paul is warning the Colossians about?

3. Why will the rules of men perish?

4. What do these rules appear to have but really lack?

5. How does this passage speak to you personally?

Whenever a group promotes themselves as self-righteous and elite, we should proceed with caution. Paul said that those who lose connection with the Head get puffed up with idle notions and human traditions. I’m thankful the Holy Spirit disrupts our peace and keeps us on the right path as we stay close to Him. How vital godly wisdom and discernment are for us! It’s pretty scary to get controlled by those who claim to have an edge on other believers. We need discernment! Pray for it! Don’t lose connection with the Head. Stay vitally connected by abiding in the Vine!


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