Online Bible Study Renewed by Remembering

Lesson 1 – Renewed by Remembering

Every time I look at their picture I am filled with awe! I recall how God brought them together. How He orchestrated their circumstances. Defined their relationship. If I’m having a rough day I try to take a moment to stare at the photo and I am soon reminded that God can do anything! The answer to my prayers is symbolized here. The desire of my heart fulfilled! I can go forward with renewed faith. Because I remembered I was renewed.

Our memory is an incredible gift from God. The ability to reminisce can be delightful or sometimes painful. The Lord wants us to remember His goodness and thank Him for answers to prayer. But the trials of life often blind us with a cloud of despair. It takes intentional discipline to steer our thoughts in another direction. When we call to mind what The Lord has done for us in the past, we are empowered to stand strong in the face of new problems. Remembering builds our faith and help us counteract wrong reactions to adverse circumstances. It’s for our own good to commit our victories to memory sealing them forever in our minds. But we need memory joggers. The Bible calls them Stones of Remembrance. A picture, a journal, or some inanimate object that will serve as a souvenir of past blessings. And help us remember what God has done for us.

1. What should we remember in Psalm 77:11-12? What synonyms for remembering are used here?

2. In Psalm 78:4 what were God’s people urged to tell the next generation? What stories are you telling the younger generation?

3. Why is remembering and repeating important according to Psalm 78:6-8? Your challenge this week is to tell someone what God has done for you in the past.

4. What charge does God bring against His people in Psalm 78:11? What stone of remembrance can you establish as a memory jogger? Share your ideas with us.

5. In Psalm 78:13-16 what miracles did God want His people to remember? What answers to prayer or specific blessings does God want you to remember this week?

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