Fill ‘er Up!

Remember your parents pulling into a gas station before self-service was the norm and calling out to the attendant, “fill ‘er up!”  Actually it was called a service station back then because a trained worker would come running out to check the oil, look under the hood, and wash the windshield, while the driver merely observed the “once-over.”  Ah, the good ole’ days!

Today I’m responsible to fill up my own tank, wash the windows… and remind my husband to check the oil!  That kind of maintenance reminds me of my personal need for servicing.  In order to maneuver down the highway of life, we also need our fuel tanks filled up and our hearts continually serviced.  Every morning I must be intentional about filling up with the Word of God.  I make a daily appointment for Him to clean off the windows of my soul so I can see with His eyes.  I allow the Holy Spirit to check the oil of His anointing so my life will run like a well-oiled machine.  I must allow Him to shine His light under the hood to expose anything that might be out of sync with His ways.  Maintenance is vital so His life will flow through me.  One of the most important things I’ve learned is that I am utterly helpless without the Lord and totally dependent on Him.  For that reason, I need daily times of communion with Him through the Word and prayer so He can “fill me up.”  None of us need another guilt trip, but I long to encourage all believers to realize the power of daily servicing.  As I pondered this, the Lord dropped three truths into my heart about His Word and how vital it is to my existence. 

1.  The Word of God is my lifeline.  Just like a car needs fuel to run, so I need the nourishment of God’s Word to run life’s race.  When Jesus was talking to the multitudes, it says: they hung on His every word.  Another scripture tells us, We shall not live, be upheld and sustained by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God .  This truth became evident to me as I sat by my aging mother’s bedside in Texas a few years ago.  When her suffering and confusion became too much to bear and I felt that I was literally on the edge of despair not knowing how to help her, I began to quote every verse I could bring to memory.  As I declared God’s Word out loud in her room, a picture of a huge rope came to mind for me to grab hold.  I found myself clinging desperately to those truths and it sustained me through that difficult season.  But there was a reason His Word became my lifeline when needed.  I had been making daily visits into God’s service station to get filled up.  My own mother had taught me the importance of feeding on the Word during the good times of life, so when the need arose there would be a reservoir from which to draw.  Don’t miss filling up on God’s Word…you never know when you’ll need a lifeline!

2.  The Word is also my plumb line.  If I want to know truth, I must study the Word because it is the standard by which I measure what’s important and valuable in life.  The psalmist says, I considered my ways and then turned my feet to obey Your Word.  When my daily intake is God’s Word, I begin to understand God’s ways and where I need to make some adjustments.  There was a time the following verse hit me right between the eyes: I will walk within my house with a blameless heart; I will set before my eyes no vile thing.  As I read this scripture, I was  immediately convicted about a certain television show.  Even though it was a very popular comedy, I knew I couldn’t tune in.  The Apostle Paul said that all things were permissible for him but not all were beneficial.  While some might have considered the show harmless, I knew that it would not be beneficial for me to watch it.  His Word became my plumb line to show me how to live.  Disobedience would have robbed me of a blessing.  It was my choice to align myself with the command that He had impressed on my heart.  Don’t miss filling up on God’s Word…you never know when you’ll need a plumb line!

3.  The Word is also my guide line. Did you ever wish you could see the handwriting on the wall so you would know the will of God?  For some reason, the Lord doesn’t make it that easy!  He desires our continual pursuit of Him through the Bible and prayer.  He wants us to discover His secrets by drawing near to Him and meditating on His Word.  The psalmist pleads, Direct my footsteps according to Your Word.  We need the counsel of God’s Word in every decision we make.  Years ago, I remember agonizing over whether or not to talk to one of my son’s teacher about an unfair situation he was encountering in elementary school.  As I was praying and seeking the Lord’s counsel, I found this verse in the Bible:  Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Immediately I knew the Lord was using this scripture to show me what I was to do:  initiate a conference with his teacher.  God used His Word to show me the way I was to take.  God’s Word can be personalized in life situations to keep us in step with the Holy Spirit.  Don’t miss filling up on God’s Word…you never know when you’ll need a guideline!

Commit to staying “filled up” with Jesus so His Word will become your lifeline through trials…your plumb line for righteous living…and your guide line for wise decisions.  Believe me, you’ll be glad you stopped in for daily servicing.

3 thoughts on “Fill ‘er Up!

  1. Karen,
    Very thought-provoking and oh so true. I love this. What a great analogy for our life. I would like to share this with a couple of people if you don’t mind. You are a blessing!

  2. Karen, out of curiosity I came here to see what your website was about….wow! This is exactly what I have been praying about today. My heart has been so burdened for my children, friends & family that I almost feel dry inside. I’ve poured out all that I have to them and feel as though I’ve hit a wall. I was reading II Timothy today when God began speaking to me so deeply that I began to feel my soul filling up again! This message you just shared thrills my heart and confirms His Word for me. It’s not that I doubt Him, I sometimes allow the burden to remain in me too long! Our Father is so understanding, patient and willing to embrace me and lift my burdens from me. And His love is indescribable!

    Thank you for sharing what He shared with you…I needed it.
    *I apologize if this doesn’t make much sense. I’m on a lot of pain medicine. =•)

  3. It thrills my heart to know this article ministered to your hearts. How I thank God for using it to speak encouragement and inspiration in your individual circumstances. Thanks for reading…and thanks for blessing me with your comments.

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