A Higher Purpose

Stop and listen.  Look behind you.  Is anyone following?  Women are natural born leaders in their role as wife and mother.  We are His completers.  We give our children wings.  This website is all about bringing Jesus Christ into our homes to cause our children to live for a higher purpose…to pursue Kingdom principles.

A mother’s influence goes beyond giving birth, providing for, and nurturing a young life.  It’s much bigger in God’s scheme of things, especially when we consider the impact one life can have on generations to come.  The power of a mother’s leadership has been known to persuade an entire nation toward godliness.

What bundle of potential is in your care?  Who are you rocking to sleep?  What greatness is buckled into the back seat of your car?  The thought can be overwhelming, but Isaiah 40:11 encourages mothers: “He gently leads those who have young.”  God has promised to provide everything we need for life and godliness.  The answers are in His Word, the Bible.  Please join me as we apply biblical principles to family living.

I’m not an expert–only a little farther down the road of experience.  There’s nothing better than watching your children follow God’s plan for their lives.  I have found and can say with confidence, “there is no greater joy than to know your children walk in truth.”  There’s some intentional on-purpose things we can do as moms to insure that happens, and this Kingdom Mom is all for helping you discover them.

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