Women are influencers!  We learn of women in the Bible who talked people into doing things their way.  Remember it was Eve who persuaded Adam to taste the forbidden fruit.  Rebecca manipulated the circumstances of her son’s life to help him steal the birthright from his older brother.  Jezebel told lies so her husband could possess his desired vineyard.

On the good side, Esther saved the nation of Israel by influencing her kingly husband to protect the Jews.  Hannah‘s power of persuasion helped establish her son, Samuel, as God’s prophet in Israel.  Abigail turned King David away from bloodshed.  A female is capable of swaying her loved ones toward either good or evil.

Just like women of old, we are also created distinctively female to be women of influence in our homes.  For such a time as this, wives and moms can be difference-makers.  First of all, moms set the tone of the home with their responses to the circumstances of life.  If we react to problems encountered throughout the day with fear and frustration, we’ll imprint those same responses on our children.  We teach best through turning their eyes toward Jesus.  That doesn’t mean we stuff religion down their throats but that we make Jesus a natural part of their day.  We build a foundation of trust in God by speaking of Him constantly.

God told Israel in Deuteronomy 6:7 to “Impress [these commands] on your children.  Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” We should bring Jesus into every moment of every day!  Here’s a few suggestions.

Brushing a child’s hair is a good time to remind them that God numbers the hairs on their head; applauding a somersault, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made; meal time is an opportunity to recognize God as the Source of all blessings; and bed-time prayers for the assurance of His protection.  Do you want your children to respond to the circumstances of life with trust in the God who made them?  When problems arise, do you speak your fear into their lives or flood them with hope?  Our children need to hear us cry out to God for help, while declaring our faith in God’s provision.  Next time you face a difficulty, stifle the fear by speaking God’s Word out loud so both you and your children will benefit.  The power of life or death is in your tongue.  What words will you choose to speak today?

We also need to tell stories to induce our children toward godliness.  The Bible says in Psalm 78:2-7 that “what we have heard and known, what our fathers have told us, we will not hide from our children but will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord…so the next generation would put their trust in God.” Personal tales that show the way the Lord has moved in our lives will impact our children forever.

When our boys were little, they would beg for tales about our childhood, and we were delighted to oblige.  It’s also true of our grandchildren today.  One of their favorite anecdotes has always been of their grandpa’s near death encounter.  When he was eight years old, my husband’s family took a fishing trip to Canada.  They were on the banks of a body of water surrounded by rocky cliffs, when a huge bolder came crashing down its slopes.  Before they knew what happened, it hit him on the back of the head and sent him sprawling into the deep waters.  His dad had to dive in to save him from drowning.  They drove him to the nearest hospital about 50 miles away, nearly unconscious and bleeding from the impact.  My mother-in-law recalls how she had to release her little boy to the Lord as he laid on her lap in the backseat of the car, his bleeding head wrapped in a towel. When they arrived at the hospital, they realized they had no identification, insurance cards or money with them.  Fortunately, the hospital was willing to admit him into surgery.  They didn’t know if he would live as his skull was fractured and he had lost a lot of blood.  But the hand of the Lord was upon him.  A local Assembly of God church learned of the accident and began a prayer chain, as well as provided clothes, food and shelter for the rest of the family.  Within a few days, the doctors and nurses were calling my husband their miracle boy.  He was released from the hospital and never experienced any side effects from the accident.  I truly believe the Lord spared him because he was to be my husband and the father of our children.  This is a story worth repeating so the next generations would know and understand that God rules and reigns in every circumstance, and He will provide everything we need for life and godliness.  Do you want your children to follow God’s plan for their lives?  What stories are you telling?

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  1. Funny story…when my girls were younger (about 4 yrs & 6 yrs old), I always did (and do!) my best to speak God’s word whenever the opportunity arose. But I always wondered if they were too young, if it was in one ear and out the other. One day my girls were sitting at the breakfast table, bickering back & forth as they loved to do. “You’re stupid!” “You’re ugly!”, etc. After the last insult by my 4 yr old was delivered, my 6 yr old belted out “No I’m not! I’m fearfully and wonderfully made!” Ahhhhh….I cannot tell you how my spirit was overjoyed! And I know God was clapping His hands & laughing His holy head off too! :)

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