My Highest Calling

I didn’t even like kids.  I disliked babysitting even more.  Children screamed in public places and whined about not getting their own way.  Why couldn’t parents have better control!  Over time something happened.  A maternal instinct set in and I was consumed with longing for a child.  But there was an obstacle, and I had to wait.  I found myself echoing the cry of Rachel in the Bible, “Give me children or I die!” Why this gradual change of heart?  I believe this was my call to motherhood.

We were married nearly six years before he was born.  I’ll never forget the sight of his curly red hair and the emotions of our introduction.  A divine miracle we had helped create lay before us.  There was a new purpose for living now.  Something that would cause me to wake with joyful anticipation and set my feet to dancing in a new role.  Now I knew why I was born.  Motherhood became my highest calling.  What I didn’t realize is that more obstacles would loom across my path to try to keep me from it.  The next one came 24 hours after his birth.

The pain was unbearable.  I cried out in my sleep while nurses poked and prodded.  My hands and feet ached so much that I couldn’t hold anything or walk without help.  How could I be released from the hospital to care for a baby?  Cortisone shots got me through the next few days, along with lots of help from family.  Early diagnosis suggested rheumatoid arthritis, but further test results revealed no answers.  It took 26 aspirin per day to keep the pain under control but my head was constantly spinning around ringing ears.  This wasn’t what I expected motherhood to be like.  Who was trying to interrupt my highest calling?  It took several weeks of gradually decreased medication before I was finally set free.  God removed the obstacle once again.

Why does God allow interruptions on the path to where we’re called?  If we have a purpose it should be smooth going, right?  I’ve found that God permits these things to show us His faithfulness and to teach us to trust Him.  What obstacle or opposition is blocking your intended path today?  How are you responding?

Isaiah 60:1 tells us to, “Arise from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you–rise to a new life.”  We have a choice in how we respond to problems. The self-inflicted pity party often results in depression, but God says to arise.  Intentionally acknowledge the Lord in every circumstance.  When we bring our experiences to the Lord, He works out His higher purpose.  The psalmist gives us further reason for these interruptions.

Psalm 119:7, “I will praise and give thanks to You when I learn by sanctified experiences your righteous judgments (Your decisions about particular thoughts and conduct.)” When we present our obstacle to Him, He will set it apart for His use.  Nothing is wasted in God’s sight.  He will use the pain to teach us how to think and act in all circumstances, helping us to either move that obstacle out of the way or to cause us to walk over it.  Got an obstacle on your path to fulfillment?  Arise and present it to God.

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  1. Karen…this really hits home with me this last month! With Jeff traveling full time I am increasingly frustrated with how busy life is. I just told one of my friends that I do not want a pity party when I am venting, instead I want my friends to say “YOU can press forward through all of this a rise above”…after all that is where God wants us to be! Thanks for this website! I know I will find it useful! I just started putting the kids pictures in albums and I found a picture of Elyse in the NICU. The lady who was in your prayer group for mothers was holding her. What was her name? She was such a blessing to me through such a difficult time. Thanks again!!!

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