Thanks, Mom

Thanks, Mom, for all the things you’ve done to make me who I am today.

You labored tirelessly to make sure our family experienced cleanliness and full bellies.  I’m sorry for all the times I carelessly tossed a blouse in the hamper because I didn’t feel like hanging it up or left a mess for you to clean up.  The aroma of Sunday’s roast and mashed potatoes still lingers in my senses, but forgive me for the times I stuck my nose up at liver, cabbage rolls and Swedish herring.

She’s up before dawn, preparing breakfast for her family and organizing her day

You were a hero to the widows, as I remember your weekly visits with the “shut-ins” who couldn’t make it out to church each week.  And then there was the little girl in your Sunday School class that you took under your wing, buying her new clothes and shoes when her parents were too poor to care about her welfare.  I didn’t realize how important your ministry was to you then, so I’m sorry I complained when your time was taken away from me.

She’s quick to assist anyone in need, reaching out to help the poor

You were the queen of hospitality, not only for Daddy’s big family, but for all of my girlfriends.  You hosted many a sleep over with a bunch of giggling girls keeping you and Daddy up half the night.  You prepared your famous homemade pizza and the most delicious desserts so all of us would enjoy good times together.  I’m sorry for taking all of your hard work for granted.

She senses the worth of her work and is in no hurry to call it quits for the day

You prayed for me throughout my life.  I used to hear my name when you were praying behind closed doors. That made me realize how valuable I was to you, being brought before the throne of God in prayer.  You always turned my eyes toward Jesus no matter what I was going through.  Thank you for giving me a godly perspective, but forgive me for rolling my eyes when I wasn’t interested in spiritual matters.

She keeps an eye on everyone in her household and she always faces tomorrow with a smile

You’ve been gone for a few years now, but I still miss your presence in my life.  The support of your prayers for my family is over and now rests on my shoulders.  I realize more and more the impact you had on my life.  I wouldn’t know Jesus if it weren’t for you, Mom.  And I can’t even imagine what life would be without Him. Your words of wisdom are still ringing in my ears…be thankful even when your circumstances are hard…keep your eyes on Jesus when life doesn’t make sense…understand that the things that seem so insurmountable today won’t even matter five years from now. And always wear clean underwear! I did listen and I do remember what you said, but I’m sorry for not letting you see how important these truths were to me then.

When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say, and she always says it kindly

So thank you, Mom, for loving me through thick and thin, and for exhibiting the love of Jesus to me in ways no other human being could do.  My desire is to pass that wealth on to the next generation, so they will also learn the value of walking in the fear of the Lord, living out spiritual truths in the mundane of life.

Her children respect and bless her.  Many women have done wonderful things, but you’ve outclassed them all.  I will give you the praise you deserve.

You did a good job, Mom.  I’m thankful Jesus already welcomed you inside Heaven’s gate with a hearty…Well done, good and faithful servant!

All of your children and grandchildren are serving Jesus, Mom.  Your life has trickled down into theirs.  You made a difference in our lives, and since I know Heaven is full of celebrations, I’m sure you’ll enjoy a Happy Mother’s Day there.  Give Dad a big hug from me!

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Mom

  1. Cabbage rolls!!! lunch yesterday, you even tasted one…you are coming along :) Thanks Karen. This is a beautiful sentiment to mothers….mine was much the same…and to think I also complained. Love you

  2. Karen,
    I knew this sweet lady you write about. So soft spoken and caring. I was in your home many times when Bob and Lorraine was living there. What a blessing our mothers have been to both of us. Oh that we might fan the flame of faith just as they did. Passing on blessings and faithfulness from generation to generation!
    Paula H.

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