A Rare Privilege

Today held a barrage of important meetings for my family.  Individual personal concerns.  I found myself praying off and on all day as I worked behind the computer.  Looking to the eye of God for guidance.  Acknowledging Him in it all.  Committing each situation to Him.

And as my day comes to a close here at the office (and before I’m aware of any of the results), I have a rather enlightning thought.  I am privileged.  God is for me.  He hears my prayers.  He stands by my side.  He goes before me and my family.  He holds us together.  He works everything out for good.  He perfects what concerns us.

What more could I ask?  To have the Lord of Heaven’s Armies fighting for me.  His passionate commitment making sure things happen.  He’s the Only One who can.  Our future is in His hands.

I just started reading The Circle Maker.  Not a magic formula, but a concept that draws prayer circles around our dreams and fears.  The challenge is to pray big bold prayers. Why?  Because God is for us, not against us.  Because He can do anything.  Because His plans are good.  Because we can trust Him.

I am nearly overwhelmed with the place I hold in God’s heart.  When I acknowledge Him in all my ways, He promises to direct my paths.  When I commit my way to Him, He promises to establish my thoughts.  I have an edge.  You do, too, when you acknowledge and commit.

It’s a rare privilege, don’t you think?



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