It’s strange. As much as the Lord has done in my life through the years, you’d think I’d never be shaken. He’s brought me through crisis after crisis. From my first memories of rejection through infertility, miscarriage, cancer, death, loss and wounded relationships, He’s been there.

From a child, I was taught where to go in trouble. When my heart was breaking. When I saw only darkness on the horizon. God’s Words was my lifeline. My mom quoted scriptures constantly. Always turning my eyes toward Jesus in every situation I encountered.

When my teen-age heart was broken, I knew where to find comfort and understanding. I remember lying on the floor with my open Bible. Identifying with the psalmist’s sorrowful laments. Drinking in strength and encouragement from its pages.

But I have to admit the cares of life often try to choke out that Word. That’s when I need a little kick. A push in the right direction. Someone to remind me of truth again…even though I already know.

I love when my kids quote scripture to me. Just like I did that to them through the years. As my mom did to me. That’s what you call heritage. And I love it.

Many of my friends are also great reminders. Just this week one turned my eyes  to Psalm 9. Giving me a sure-proof plan of endurance for a challenging situation.

How do you respond to trouble? Let me share this powerful pattern for praising God in the midst of difficulties. It comes right out of Psalm 9:1-2.

  1. Praise God with your whole heart.

That means with every bit of me. My emotions, intellect and will. Try opening your hands in worship rather than wringing them in despair.

  1. Recount and tell aloud God’s wonderful deeds for you.

Recognize and mention what God has done for you in the past. Call to mind answers to prayer and miraculous interventions. Tell others what He has done. It will build your faith and glorify God. Make a list and thank God for glimmers of gold in dark places.

3. Exult in Him, rejoice and be in high spirits; leap for joy in your heart.

Exult is a word you don’t hear any more. It means to express joy in a visible way. Those who look to Him are radiant! Their countenance will change. An afflicted believer enjoys a spiritual feast. By rejoicing in the Lord no matter what troubles him. Turn cartwheels and leap for joy…even if it’s just in your heart.


4. Sing songs to the Most High God.

Paul instructed the Ephesians to sing and make music in their hearts to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything. A cheerful heart fills the day with song and is also good medicine. Play some praise music and sing your heart out!

If you’re facing a difficult season of life right now, use this powerful pattern for endurance. Your situation may not change, but your perspective sure will.


Recount and Tell!








  1. Hi Karen … Your post reminds me of T.D. Jakes when he stated … “You can’t worry and worship at the same time. When you look at the greatness and size of God, your problems don’t look as big anymore.” When I finally saw in Psalm 23 that we … “walk through the valley” … we don’t stay there, my faith walk took on a new meaning. Thank you for how you share your personal story with us. It helps. Blessings dear one, Carl.

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