He could could have prevented it, but He didn’t. He could have made things work out as we had asked, but He didn’t. He could have given us favor with authorities, but He didn’t.

We were in the process of selling our home. A place filled with priceless memories.

Where our babies grew into men.

Where imagination reigned within its walls. 

Where bouncing basketballs echoed on wooden floors.

Where piano and guitar music escaped through windows.

Where extreme pain and overwhelming joy collided. 

Where prayer saturated the atmosphere.

Home Sweet Home!

I’d held tightly to this cornerstone of security for 32 years. Concerned it would wreck me if taken away. For years I prayed for grace to let it go. When the time came, I was surprised how easy it was.

Our house sold quickly. For the full asking price. We were overjoyed as we awaited a closing date. Obviously, God was in this.

Until a glitch in the sale sent us reeling.

The appraisal came in unbelievably low. Using a comp that couldn’t hold a candle to ours, the bank refused the buyer’s loan. If we didn’t reduce the price, we’d lose the sale.

Our Christian realtor filed a protest. Her whole team joined us in concentrated prayer. Surely the petition to re-appraise would be approved. Because God was on our side.

But things didn’t work out; they denied the petition. The news shook my faith. Didn’t He care? Was He even listening? These lies challenged truths I’d staked my life on.

A tangible presence of resentment knocked at my front door. I found myself entertaining it for a time. I was angry. Toward appraisers and bankers who caused the dilemma. I was offended. Toward God for not protecting our money. I was disappointed.


There was only one thing left to do…endure! When the answer we hope for doesn’t come, we may have to put up with it.

While I desire a comfortable life, where happiness abounds, discipleship is not defined by comfort. More often it’s defined by endurance. Where we hold on to the promises of God. Until we see Jesus face to face we live by them. Jesus exemplified it for us.

Consider Him who ENDURED opposition from sinful men

so that you will not grow weary and lose heart…Hebrews 12:3

Even though circumstances were disappointing, God’s character had not changed. He was more concerned about my inner life than improving my outward circumstances.

God has bigger issues at stake than our present situation. While we see only what’s in front of us, He sees the big picture. He is working things out for His greatest and highest purposes.

What God does IN us is more important than what He does FOR us.

I don’t always understand why things happen as they do. But I must endure disappointment! People of faith can be blessed even when they don’t see results. Ultimate victory is ours as we endure!

Most of you have your own stories of life’s disappointments. Wondering why things didn’t work out when you prayed. But here’s what I know in the face of disappointment.

These have come so that your faith–of greater worth

than gold which perishes even though refined by fire–

may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor

when Jesus Christ is revealed. I Peter 1:7

That’s how real genuine faith, tested and proved, will come forth. As pure gold.

Faith isn’t merely receiving from God what we want; it’s accepting whatever God gives us.

Sometimes we just have to be okay with things not being okay.

Can you be okay with that?


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