Even though I always wanted a girl, one look at those baby boys melted my heart.  I couldn’t have been happier being the mother of two sons and wouldn’t have traded that for a houseful of girls.  Moms and their sons have a very special ongoing relationship.  But I always wondered what it would be like to have a daughter.

     Shortly after our first son was born, I was challenged to start praying for his mate.  Even though it seemed a bit premature, I began a prayer vigil for the little girl destined to be his wife some day.  It seemed light years away, but I began to pray little prayers for her safety and well being, spiritual sensitivity and determination to walk with Jesus.  I prayed for healthy relationships and purity to surround her and that some day God would cause their paths to cross. I’ve found that prayer does make a difference.

     I never knew the little girl in my Wednesday night class at church was the wife God had already designated.  She was quiet and reserved in the group setting, and was often overlooked among the chatty fourth grade girls who challenged all pleas for attention.  She was one who always did her work and listened attentively.   I never got to know her very well because she was so quiet, but there was something special about her.  I just didn’t realize why my heart was drawn to her back then. 

     When she was in junior high, her family moved across the yard.  I’m still amazed at how God was continuing to work behind the scenes to bring them together.  One of our first personal encounters with her was when our dog attacked her little poodle.  I’ll never forget the horror on her face as she scooped up her beloved puppy from the jaws of our ferocious mutt.  The picture of her running across the yard to the protection and security of home has been forever inscribed on my mind all these years.  But soon her brother became our son’s best friend, and eventually the three of them were inseparable.  We thought they were just friends for many years, but eventually discovered our son didn’t drive home from college in Tennessee every weekend because he missed his parents and little brother.  He was smitten. 

    I truly believe that God put them in each other’s lives at a young age to protect them from making wrong choices.  Neither one of them really dated anyone else.  There was hardly a weekend that our home wasn’t filled with a houseful of young people looking for some fun and fellowship.  She was always in that group.  They got to know each other in a very safe setting, and their relationship blossomed within the confines of two godly families and numerous Christian friendships.  I’ll never forget the day our son told us she was “the one.”

     She’s been an absolute delight to our family.  Not limited to outward beauty alone, her heart of love and compassion is also breathtaking.  Her strength of character is a wonderful asset to our son, and she supports his ministry and talents with passion.  She’s a talented homemaker, interior decorator, cook, and mother of three outstandingly talented and beautiful children.  (Indulge me here–I’ll tell you about them another time).  She has made their home a haven of safety and beauty.  She prepares feasts for her family and reaches out to entertain others with hospitality and a rare knack for pulling people together.  She runs circles around me with her skills and talents, and I admire everything about her.  I really wish I were more like her.  

    Do you  realize how comforting it is to know that the son you nurtured and cherished all those years is sharing his life with a good, godly woman?  I am so glad I prayed all those years, because my first daughter truly is a wife of noble character who brings her husband good all the days of her life and sets about her work vigorously with arms strong for the tasks; she opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy; she has no fear for her household for all of them are clothed in scarlet and she is clothed with dignity and strength; she speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue; she watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness; she is a woman who fears the Lord and her worth is far above rubies. 

     So if you’re the mother of little boys, hang in there.  You’ll get your girls some day.  Start praying Proverbs 31 now, not for the daughter-in-law God is preparing for your son, but for the daughter-in-love.  Take note of the little ones around you–they just might be God’s designated one.   Wait for God, and you’ll get those daughters who are worth more than rubies.  We had to wait a while for ours, but she was well worth the wait.

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