From the Mouth of Babes

I want to be like my kids.  They’re really smart, talented, spiritual and cool.  I don’t know how they got that way–guess they take after their Father. 

Even when they were little they amazed me with their skills.  A six year old wowing a room full of parents at a piano recital.  A ten year old strumming a song long before any formal training began on the guitar.  A pre-teen winning junior golf tournaments, and a high schooler dunking basketballs to win state championships.  My boys made life lots of fun.  Watching them grow into godly young men has been a joyous journey.  Their own walk with the Lord has been an inspiration.  They have taught me so much on their way to adulthood.

They spoke truth into my life many times.  When I faced a second battle with cancer, our 16 year old son left a note in his Bible propped up on the kitchen counter.  It was a word of admonition for his fearful mom who was still reeling from the recent diagnosis.  He took me to John 8:44 describing the devil.  When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.  There is no truth in him.   He wrote that if I was afraid it was because I was believing the lies of the enemy, and he never tells the truth anyway.  So who was I believing and why was I afraid?  That turned my heart around and brought hope to my soul.  I wanted to be like my son.

Our younger son encouraged me to trust in God by his example.  When he was faced with a major disappointment in his life, he expressed immediate trust in God.  He was full of hope because He knew God must have something better for him.  He lived Proverbs 3:5.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  I still remember standing there dumbfounded at his reaction to the bad news.  I certainly was not that spiritually mature at eighteen.  I wanted to be like my son.

When our older son was faced with the decision of leaving his dream of building a business with his father to go into full-time ministry, he applied the Word of God to his situation.   The story of Jonah had leaped off the pages of the Bible, guiding his thinking about this life-changing move.  He learned that Jonah’s obedience affected everyone in the boat.  He realized his decision would affect our family, our business, and our church.  He knew what God was saying.  Psalm 25:9 says, He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.  His thought processes were so spiritual.  The Word of God was his guideline.  I wanted to be like my son.

Both of our sons write music.  I’ve seen yellow scraps of paper lying around the house and I’ve heard bits and pieces of lics, bridges and hooks on practice cd’s.  It’s like birthing a baby in some regards.   I can’t imagine how they feel when their final product is presented to the church.  This mom looks out on a congregation of worshippers and nearly explodes with thanksgiving when hundreds of people enter God’s presence through their music.  Where did they come from?  Where did they get their talents?  They are lightyears beyond my abilities.  I want to be like my sons.

Today my sons are teaching me to be more like Jesus.  Jesus turned the world upside down when He came to earth.  Traditions and preconceived notions were disrupted by the Truth of living Christ-like lives.  They’re not allowing me to become like the Pharisees but are pointing me to the love of Jesus Christ to reach a dying world.  This older mom and grandmother is learning more about The Church through their passions and wisdom.  I really want to be like my sons…because they are becoming like Jesus.

How did they get there?  They’re fifth generation believers, building on the foundations established before them.  They were covered by grandparents’ and parent’s prayers and rooted in their faith by the examples set before them.  Mom and Dad poured the Word of God into them from birth, turning their eyes toward Jesus on every occasion.  Pour Jesus into your children, and as they grow they will pour back on you.  They’ll grow beyond you.  They’ll teach you. 

Want to be like your kids some day?  Be intentional about planting godly seeds of wisdom and truth into their lives from the moment they’re born.  Pray scriptures over them.  Point them to Jesus without driving them crazy.  I promise you’ll reap a harvest of blessings and one day you, too, will be saying, “I want to be just like them.”

One thought on “From the Mouth of Babes

  1. WOW! I want to thank you, for your beautiful sentiments. But I guess they are more than that. I am new to facebook, and found this letter by accident, but it really wasn’t an accident was it? I often feel this way about my children. And they are only in their early teens, well most of them. I have wondered what I had done to deserve such wonderful, loving, wise beyond their years, children. Who to this day have more faith then I and their Father combined. I remember a time when I was beaming with faith overflowing, but as these years have seem to roll on, I have lost myself. I had found myself wondering “why I am here Lord, what is MY purpose?” And in a wee small voice he told me, My purpose was and ALWAYS has been to be a Christian, Wife and Mother. And somehow I had lost sight of this. I had always had this grandiose dream of being something BIG, something IMPORTANT. And had forgotten to to MY children, I am BIG and I am INMPORTANT. And even now as I write this, I am having this revelation, That to GOD… I am BIG and Important. Isn’t it funny how we lose sight of this??? As I was saying, God showed me that I might not see all my dreams I had for myself, (key word, MYSELF) come to pass, but I can with his help raise some mighty men and women of God, in which I CAN help them see their and God’s plans for them come to fruition. Is there any better job? I am just so amazed at how humble you are. You have always been someone I looked at and admired. Do you not see how God has placed favor upon you time after time? And I didn’t even know about your fight you had won 2 times with cancer. That just nips it in a bud for me… GOD in fact, does, love YOU best! :) I am sure when God looks at you and your lovely family he is thinking, WOW!!! And I, made that! He must be GREATLY PLEASED.
    So thank you, thank you for raising your children to walk with the Lord, Thank you, for being humble enough to still be taught (even if it is by our children) And thank you for sharing your story, it touched me deeply. And…although David is something pretty wonderful, you are not to bad yourself. You give me hope for the future. I pray that my children, never remember the bad I have done, and only see and remember the good. And that God always shows favor and mercy upon us all.

    In Christ,


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