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Inquiring – Lesson 7


We’ll never get ahead without asking. I saw this lived out in the life of our younger son recently.

He is building his own music business. It’s a unique concept including music instruction within a recording studio. Creativity is key. This is no boring place! Lives are being changed through the opportunities Grizzly Music Company provides students of all ages.

A few weeks ago, our son took a chance. He conquered his fears and called the local Fox news station to invite them to come see what Grizzly was doing. He was nervous. Unsure how they’d respond. He knew it was a long-shot.

You know what happened? They said, “Yes!” And immediately set up a day and time to do the shoot. Are you kidding? How did that happen?

He asked.

Fox news ran the story four times in three days. It brought a thousand hits to his website. The phone started ringing. The popular news anchor signed her kids up for lessons.

What if he hadn’t asked? It would never have happened.

This is a biblical principle. We’ve been studying Old Testament stories on the importance of inquiring of the Lord. We’ve seen examples of victory breaking out when David asked the Lord for guidance. We also saw judgment break out when he didn’t.

What about you? Are you afraid to ask in every day life. Whether it means approaching your boss about new opportunities…or inquiring of the King of Kings Himself…please take courage and ASK!  Let’s dive into some scriptures that will encourage us in the process.

Read James 1:5-8

1. For what should we ask? What further instruction is given in these verses?

Read Proverbs 2:2-10

2. What words relate to the idea of inquiring in verse 3?

3. What do we receive from the Lord when we ask in verse 6?

4. What are some benefits from inquiring in verses 7-10?

Read Proverbs 8:34

5. What are the conditions for being blessed?

“Turn your ear to wisdom and apply your heart to understanding. Call out for insight. Cry aloud for understanding. From the Lord’s mouth comes wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Listen, watch and wait.” Pay attention to God’s Word here. You never know what you might be missing if you don’t ask.

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