My Lifter

I hated the chin grip.  You know, that anchoring maneuver mom’s use to keep their child’s head still.  It enables proper hair-brushing as well as the removal of crusty food from faces.  It also gives moms opportunity for a steady gaze of correction as she commands,  “Look at me!” As a child, I grew to resent the grip of my mother’s hand on my chin.  It thwarted activity and threw wet blankets on enthusiasm.  I vowed to never be a chin gripper when I became a mom.  But as much as I resisted the temptation, I indulged in grasping my children’s chins time and time again.  It was as if I had no control over this urge.  It’s time to confess…I am my mother.

Strange that chin gripping would be on my mind this week.  A series of circumstances put me on a roller coaster of emotions.  I’m not usually given to depression, but fear of the unknown was knocking at the door.  How many times have I written and taught on the importance of taking thoughts captive.  How many times have I urged others to focus on what’s known instead of unknown.  How many times have I experienced the victory of thanking and praising God in the face of trials.  I should have known better.  But instead of an intentional on-purpose, godly knee-jerk response, I indulged in a bit of self pity and worry.

It was then I felt it.  The grip of my Master’s hand on my chin.  It wasn’t a touch of conviction or correction…it was just love.  He gently lifted my head upward to look at His face rather than at my circumstances.  The beautiful scriptural reminder rang in my ear, “I AM the Lifter of your head.” Jesus took my chin in His hand and directed my gaze upward, above the din and discouragement of life.  All became still and peaceful as the rubble beneath me subsided, and I found myself face to face with the Lifter Of My Head.

It’s similar to what happened to Peter on the sea as he lifted his eyes toward the Savior.  He actually walked on water as long as he focused on Jesus.  But when his gaze fell on the circumstances around him he began to sink.  Do you ever feel like you’re sinking as you look around at the raging waters of life?  The Amplified Bible says to, “Arise from the depression in which circumstances have kept you.” Dwelling on those things will never cause us to walk on water, let alone raise us out of the pits of despair.  Jesus continually tells us to come up higher.  His thoughts are higher.  His ways are higher.  So why do we tend to take the low road?

He is the Most High God who sits enthroned above the earth.  He raised us up with Christ and seated us in heavenly places.  Let us fix our eyes on Him.  Let us bring our requests to the Most High God and look up, for He raises the poor from the dust and He lifts the needy from the ash heap.  The Message puts it so well:  God holds me head and shoulders above all who try to pull me down.

So where are you gazing today?  Please take some advice from one who’s been there.  Don’t resist or resent the chin grip of your Master.   Look up into His eyes.  He will change your perspective about your circumstances.  He will give you courage to rise above the challenges of life.  And He longs to reveal Himself to you as the Lifter of Your Head.

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  1. Beautiful Karen, His discipline is to lift our heads, it’s taken me a lifetime to welcome it as the best and only way to live!

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