Shed All Over Me

It’s a package deal when we babysit our grandchildren. His name is Buzz Lightyear, and I’m not talking about the plastic superhero from Toy Story.  He’s a real life fuzz ball named, Buzz.

Then there’s the only child, Bentley. He’s is in our charge whenever his “parents” go out of town. This one’s been rescued.  Part Beagle; part Jack Russell.  He won our hearts with his endearing though quirky personality. (He walks on ledges!)

Buzz and Bentley are Cooper dogs.  One considers himself high society; the other, just lucky to be alive.  Cousins not by choice.  These two have won the love and devotion of our children and grandchildren.  Buzz tolerates Bentley, eyeing him with suspicion every time the two of them are together.  Bentley just wants Buzz to play, romping through the house like carefree canines. Buzz growls back at his attempts, way above that kind of companionship. I love them both…on most days!


There’s one huge difference in their make-up. Buzz is a tiny Yorkshire Terrier who never sheds his hair.  Bentley, well, Bentley leaves his residue wherever he lands.  You just know by sight where he has been.  While it frustrates our kids, it ‘s just something you put up with when you love some-one.  Or some-dog.

As I was brushing Bentley’s hair off my dark pants the other day, the word “shed” took on new meaning.  Bentley’s hair covered me. It was in that moment God spoke to my heart. “My love is SHED all over you.”  The old King James Version of Romans 5:5 popped into my head.

The love of God is SHED abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

I’m not always on the lookout for God’s love.  But just like Bentley’s hair, it’s everywhere.  God’s love is in the first ray of daylight as I turn over in the morning.  It’s in the devotion of my life’s companion.  It’s in the hugs of my kids. It’s in the knowledge He orders our steps. His love is in the covering over me and my family as we start each day. For His purposes. At work, school or play, He is there.

Because God IS love.

Love is what defines God.  It’s His character.  The very center of who He is and what He does. And it’s shed all over me. I can’t escape it.  I don’t want to. Wherever I go, God’s love is there to rescue and sustain me.  I love thinking of it this way.

He is BEFORE me to guide my steps. 

He’s BEHIND me as my rear guard. 

He stands by my SIDE to strengthen me. 

He is ABOVE me as a covering.

He is BELOW me to lift me up with His everlasting arms.

He SURROUNDS me with favor as with a shield.

In front. Behind. Beside. Above. Below. Encircled. The residue of His love is everywhere!

He’s even in the cuddles of the Cooper dogs. And Bentley has a unique way of reminding me of that. Gods’ love. Shed. Poured out. His residue on me.

And on you..you just have to look around for yourself. As for me, I will never look at Bentley’s hair in the same way again.

Where do you see residue of God’s love shed all over you today?


5 thoughts on “Shed All Over Me

  1. Oh Karen. . .holy moly that’s awesome. Isn’t it cool to get fresh revelation from God Almighty – and in the most everyday kinda situations?! THAT’S OUR GOD. Thanks for sharing.

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