The Mistake-Fixer

I’m old enough to remember typing on a manual…before electric machines took over…before computers became keyboards.  I remember fixing mistakes with an ink eraser that often tore holes in the paper, requiring me to rip out and start over again.  I remember using carbon paper to duplicate my work, and the sweat and tears of correcting errors on four or five copies beneath the original.   Talk about stress!  Thank God for technology!

The first time I used an electric typewriter it was as if it had a life of its own, and I was no longer in control of the words on the page.  The lightest touch would produce mistakes, so I hated the new invention.  Then after I got used to the electric, the computer keyboard took over.  They called it word processing!  And something happened to win me over.  It was all about mistake-fixing. To be able to correct errors with a mere touch of a backspace key was delightful!  To print off as many copies as needed or to duplicate originals on copy machines eliminated so much stress!  I loved the new inventions.  Today I wouldn’t trade my computer keyboard for a ton of manuals or electrics.  I don’t want to go back to the old ways.

There’s something else to which I don’t want to go back.  My fear of making life mistakes.  There have been times I’ve been locked in indecision because of that fear.  Do I actually think God can’t fix my mistakes if I step out in faith?  That if I mess up, I will never recover?   I don’t want to live in fear and dread of moving forward because of that unbelief.  I don’t want to stand still and do nothing, missing out on life’s best opportunities.  Oswald Chambers writes that there are times we need to move forward in faith, believing that the Lord will shut doors if we are off course.

That’s what I’m doing these days because it looks like we’re about to move out of our home of 32 years.  The place where my babies grew up.  The place my children’s children call “grandma’s.”  The place of memories.  The place of joys and tears and challenges.  The place I love.  The mere thought of leaving this home used to move me to tears, and I’d dig my heels into the ground every time my husband found a new condo online.  Fear gripped my soul.  But as I’ve prayed for the grace to “let go” of our home if and when the time came, something began to take place inside of me.  It’s been a gradual process.  A few weeks ago we just happened to drive by the Villas of Heritage Hills, and it was all confirmed.  Entering the doorway of that model brought me an immediate sense of peace.  Something said, this is it! Yes, maybe I could do this after all.

Every time fears tries to creep back in, I choose to remember God can fix my mistakes.  I choose to believe that God establishes my thoughts and guides my steps.  I choose to walk in confidence, trusting my Heavenly Father’s love and care over me.  The Holy Spirit reminds me that perfect love casts out all fear, and that selling the home that housed our family for 32 years is part of His plan.  He leads me with a peace that passes understanding.   I can trust if this decision is not in His will, He will disturb my peace.  He will shut the door.   And if I make a mistake, He can fix it.

So if you’re facing indecision, a fork in the road, a lifetime career change, don’t be afraid of making a mistake.  Instead of wringing your hands in fear and trepidation, lift your hands in praise to the Only One who knows the future.  Choose to trust that the Lord will lead you with peace, and that even if you do make a mistake, He is big enough to correct it.

3 thoughts on “The Mistake-Fixer

  1. Karen, I never lived in my little house for 32 years but it was a struggle to leave it when dealing with my Mom’s health issues. I had worked hard and watched as the house grew from the ground up. I told my Pastor I was like a bird being pushed from the nest but the Lord has blessed and sustained me through it all. I know the Lord is in control of your life and this will be something great for you and your family. You have a wonderful husband to share all your joys. Blessings to you.

  2. Karen,

    I am always blessed by your openness and willingness to share with others to help us grow. Thanks for being obedient!

  3. Karen,

    I’m so glad that you shared this with us. I wish you all of the best with your move! God bless you.

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