We were scrambling and her tears were doing me in. Searching every nook and cranny, our granddaughter’s number one possession was no where to be found.

You have no idea the panic her loss created. First in her. And then in us! Unfortunately, we were not new to this dilemma. It had happened multiple times before and there was only one solution. No matter how far away it was or how late it happened to be. We were on a mission…find her “blankie”!

It’s no wonder it was important to her. It’s been tucked inside her car seat and crib from birth. It became her constant companion, a best friend who brought comfort and a sense of protection. I’ve had to sneak it into the washer without her knowledge. Only to have her tearfully notice it missing during the spin cycle. I’ve washed and sown that cotton square more times than I can count.

One time she asked me to sew up some new holes. I spent a good amount of time carefully mending it by hand. I’ll never forget the look on her face when I handed it back to her. “But Grandma, where’s my corner?” she cried. There were three other corners that just wouldn’t do; I had sown up her favorite. Who knew? You know what I did? I painstakingly removed every stitch to give her back the corner with the big hole. That’s what grandmothers do, right? Keep their babies happy.

She has carried that blankie with her all these five years, seeking it out during the day when she needs a little solace and never going to sleep without it tucked under her chin. It even accompanies her to pre-school. Staying hidden in her backpack. She just needs to know it’s there.

HE will be the security and stability of your times. Isaiah 33:6

What is it about a child’s blanket? If she’s upset, she wants it. If she’s tired, the same. If she’s happy, she still wants it. She even begs to take it shopping with us. It’s been dropped on the asphalt of parking lots as well as on the floors of Target. I cringe as she pulls it near her face when we’re back in the car.

Don’t we all need some kind of security blanket? Especially during this season of isolation from Covid-19. I hope you’ve found yours. A Constant Companion, a Best Friend who brings you comfort and a sense of protection. I find mine within the pages of God’s Word.

He will cover you and completely protect you with His feathers

and under His wings you will find refuge.  Psalm 91:4

We don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but Jesus calls us to abide under the shelter of the Almighty. There’s not a more secure place than under God’s blanket of protection. It doesn’t mean you won’t suffer or face trials, but it is the perfect place to settle in when you need an anchor in the storm.

So if you’re sad, scared. disappointed or even angry, grab the blanket of God’s Truth where you’ll find all the security you’ll ever need.

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