The very day I was diagnosed with breast cancer, we went to church. Barely listening. Barely singing. But I was there.

The pastor called me forward for prayer. Like a wave, the Body of Christ surrounded me. My rope-holders provided the physical support I needed. Praying for me through the darkest hours of my life.

A smaller group of rope-holders showed up at my house the next morning. Making sure I wasn’t alone. They spent most of the day praying and reading scripture with me. Their presence was a gift from God as I awaited surgery and more test results.

In challenging circumstances, I need my rope-holders. Two of them have been there for me for over 30 years. They are my “go-to” friends. Sisters in Christ. We’ve learned to hold each other’s ropes when needed. Although I didn’t realize until recently that’s what they were doing.

I read about an important skill you must master before you can climb a real mountain. You are taught how to hold a rope for a fellow climber. It’s their lifeline in case they begin to slip. Insurance for a safe climb up the mountain.


Spiritual rope-holders are as vital. They are the people who provide a safety net of prayer when the climb gets difficult. Your supporters and encouragers.

My church provided rope-holders through many battles of life. They stood by my side and held me up. Kept me from falling. And they knew when to give me a little push when I felt like giving up.

The Body of Christ has amazing power. My favorite biblical illustration of this is when  two friends climbed a mountain to help Moses. He was overseeing a fierce battle between Israel and its enemies. As long as Moses kept his arms up, the army was victorious. When he grew too weary to keep them up, they lost ground. He needed help. What a relief to have two men of God make their way to his side! Looking toward heaven for mercy. Rope-holders helped Moses win the battle.

Do you get the picture? Who’s helping you win your battle? Who’s praying over you? Holding your arms up when you’re too weary to do it alone? Ask God for a rope-holder! Or better yet, ask him to make you one for someone else.

We need each other! When my rope-holders grab my hands to pray, I am fortified. I am upheld and kept from slipping.

If life is good for you right now, look around. There might be someone nearby who needs a rope. Maybe you’re the one to hold it for them.

Carry one another’s burdens and in this way

you will fulfill the requirements of

the law of Christian love.

Galatians 6:2 (Amplified)

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