My Helper

What is it about me that craves security?  Does my birth order naturally lend itself to being pampered?  Did my loving family excessively dote on their baby girl? Whatever the reason, I just plain like it when someone takes care of me.  I seem to operate better when I know there’s someone in my corner, someone who’s got my back, someone who’d fight to the end for my welfare.  You’d think I would have outgrown this need by now, but I haven’t.

Just last month I felt uneasy about going to a new place on my own.  City Community Church launched four new CityGroups, and I was the leader of one of them. This wasn’t a new role for me so it wasn’t the fear of a new study or new faces.  It was the place that caused the butterflies.  I had never been to the Athenaeum before, and it took me days to even pronounce its name.  It was the designated meeting place for our new Bible study.  And I was intimidated by a 100-year old cultural landmark cascading across two city blocks at Michigan and New Jersey.

Fortunately, my husband sensed my apprehension and drove me down early to scope it out.  He found the building in downtown Indy, parallel-parked the car (which is another of my phobias) and ushered me through the front door.  You would have thought it was my first day of kindergarten, but I didn’t mind.  I wasn’t too proud to accept his help.  Just his presence gave me the sense of security that I needed to face the uncertainties of a new venue.

It’s pretty neat when the Lord gives you people to hold your hand.  I’m very thankful for a husband who cares about my well-being.  He’s a great example of Jesus Christ who gave up his own rights to help others.  I love being on the receiving end of his kindness because it gives me courage to press on.

We also have a divine Helper.  Jesus ascended to Heaven so He could send Him to us.  He’s the Holy Spirit.  He’s always in our corner.  He always has our back.  He promises to fight for us.  The Bible says so.  And…He doesn’t want us to ever outgrow our need of Him.  He longs for us to rely on Him and to have no confidence in ourselves.  He often provides someone with skin to walk beside us, but He desires our trust to be in Him alone.

So don’t be afraid to admit you need help. Whether you’re bold or timid, you have an Advocate from the Father, and He doesn’t want you to go it alone.  Let Him walk you into the new places of life.  While He might use other people along the way, your Helper will be all the security you’ll ever need.

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