Happy Birthday, Lorraine

Everyone needs a big sister like mine.  Lorraine has always been the picture of beauty and grace.  Having survived critical childhood illnesses, Lorraine was a survivor.  When she was four years old, a ruptured appendix kept her in the hospital for three and a half months.  The story was told that our mother would ride the “streetcar” to visit her baby girl in the hospital, pregnant with our brother, and weary from the strain of seeing her so deathly ill.  It was doubtful she’d pull through, but God had greater plans for this little lady.  Survive she did, weighing only 23 pounds when she was released to go home.

From my perspective, a big sister is like a mom who is young enough to remain cool.  Not that our mother wasn’t something special in herself.  But Lorraine was the one in whom I always confided.  She didn’t judge or lecture.  She just listened and advised with understanding.  She always wanted the best for me and still does today.

A serious student and obedient daughter, Lorraine was the typical firstborn who loved and accepted responsibility with a flair.  Our Dad always laughed that she would rule your life if you’d let her!  She was just that capable…and loving.  Nearing her teen years when I came along, she treated me like her baby doll.  She let me sleep in her room and share all her secrets (at least I thought she did at the time). When she left for college,  I was devastated.  Just looking at her picture brought me to tears.  I missed my big sister!

She met the man of her dreams that first year of college and was married when I was but nine years old.  When she moved far away to northern Michigan, I had to learn to exist without her nearby.  We visited often but cried every time we said goodbye.  A sister like Lorraine is rare.



She’s a giver.  She’d do anything in the world for me.  Now that our parents have passed away, Lorraine continues their caretaking role. She hovers!  She’s in my corner!  She’d fight for me if she had to!  And she loves my kids.  You’d think they were her own.  And she’d go to bat for them any day as well.

When Lorraine has a birthday, her mailbox overflows with greetings from around the world.  Really….from Sweden to California, from Canada to Indiana, she is loved.  I have to share her with a lot of people, but I have one claim to fame no one else has.  Undeserving or not, I am the baby sister she adores.  Everyone should be so blessed!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Lorraine

  1. I adore you, Karen – God gave me a very special sister when He brought you into our home. You were so cute and sweet, and you’ve grown to be a beautiful and highly respected and loved woman. I love you and your wonderful family with all my heart. You mean the world to me. I’m so happy that we have one another with whom to share our concerns, our problems and our victories. It’s such a blessing to have you to pray with, and I know your prayers, your blogs and everything you do is anointed by our Blessed Saviour. I love yo9u!

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