What If?

Ever wonder about the “what if’s” of life?

What if I had been born in another country?

What if another family had raised me?

What if I had never heard about Jesus?

What if I had never attended church?

What if I had attended a different college?

What if I had never met David Cooper?

What if I had refused that first date?

What if I had never fallen in love with him?

What if I had never married him?

What if?…well, how different life would be today.

But I believe God ruled over my life.  Sure, God gave me free will, but I learned at an early age that submission to His plan made all the difference.  I learned to pray about everything. I learned that God’s Word was alive and active in every situation that confronted me.

I longed for the man of my dreams back then, so I prayed that I would make the right choice.  I met my future husband in a college accounting class, a college I really didn’t plan to attend.  He winked at me across the room and I was smitten.

Thank God I was born in America, the land of the free.  Thank God for godly parents who turned my eyes toward Jesus and took me to church to learn more about Him. Thank God those other boys never liked me back.  Thank God He shut the door to one school and opened it to another.  Thank God I signed up for that accounting class.  Thank God I met David Cooper.  Thank God he asked me on that first date. Thank God I said yes to his marriage proposal.

I can’t even imagine life without David. Who else would have supported and comforted me through years with infertility doctors, tears and despondency over miscarriages and loss?  Who else would have made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when two mastectomies scarred my body?  Who else would have made me laugh when I wanted to cry?  Who else would have always been there, faithful, loyal, committed and solving all my problems…with that wink!

It’s been 43 years today that we said, “I do.”  Thank God none of those “what if’s” stood in our way.

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful husband God could have ever created just for me!





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