It’s early morning as I linger in a semi state of conciousness. Strangely enough, this is when God often speaks to my heart. Not with an audible voice. But with a thought so profound I can’t deny it’s Him. It penetrated deeply into recesses of a mind not yet alert to the demands of a new day.

“It satisfies my longings as nothing else can do.”

What was that? Satisfies? Longings? The words resonated in my spirit. Was that a song? I sat up sensing God was in the moment. What message did I need to hear?

The line was familiar. Lyrics to an old hymn perhaps. After several searches, it was resurrected in my memory.

I Love to Tell the Story. A song I heard throughout my lifetime. Not only in church. But one I remember my mom singing to me. Lyrics sweetening the atmosphere of my childhood home.

I love to tell the story of unseen things above

Of Jesus and His glory

Of Jesus and His love

 I love to tell the story because I know it’s true

It satisfies my longings as nothing else can do.

But what underlying message did these words have for me today? What would satisfy my longings?

The solutions to problems and blessings I long for are met only in Jesus. Nothing else brings that kind of soul satisfaction. No matter what the longings are.

As I headed into church later that morning, I couldn’t get the lyrics out of my head. Then God spoke again. Through a pastor’s sermon. How a Christmas years ago was filled with overwhelming sadness for him and his wife. A season of questioning God and questioning his faith. He wondered if he’d ever be happy again.

But now years later, he could look back and embrace the truth of what he didn’t realize then. A truth blinded by grief and utter loss.

It was not the end of his story. 


God was still writing it.

God didn’t leave him there in his pain but was working behind the scenes to bring joy out of suffering. And this Christmas season would be full of joy and gratitude because those longings were finally fulfilled. He just had to wait.

Here’s the message I’d like to share with you this Christmas. Whatever pain and loss this year has brought, the Gospel brings assurance. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is what will satisfy the longings of your heart.

The Lord whispered two profound truths to me this week.

  • His Story will satisfy longings nothing else can.
  • Your story is not over yet. He’s still writing.

If you’re struggling this Christmas season, look to the story of Jesus and hold on to hope. Remember He’s at work behind the scenes. Writing your story within His story. It’s just not finished yet.



  1. This is a wonderful study story and NO our story is not over yet – GOD will take care of us and help us along the way – We serve an awesome GOD. Thanks – Karen – wonderful reading – song and scriptures.

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